Saturday, July 19, 2014

Disclosure Regarding Banner Advertisements That Appear at The Bottom of This Blog

Disclosure: I receive compensation from iPage for any domain registration and/or hosting sales made on their site that occur as a direct result of my referrals to their company, which are tracked by the specific link that I have provided for you at the bottom of this blog (i.e. the iPage banner ad). It should be noted that the reason I offer my referral to iPage is because I have had domain hosting and registration needs in the past and, after performing extensive research regarding pricing and features for these types of companies, I selected iPage and was extremely pleased with their products and services, so much so, that I have been referring business to them for years after my domain registration and hosting needs are over, allowing me to continue a modest stream of revenue to assist in the funding of other projects. Again, I would not refer you to iPage, if it wasn't a product in which I have complete confidence. Thank you.

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